You want the Best!  Yak is a sweet and delicately flavored red meat.  Yak is very much compared to buffalo/bison and elk, and never gamey.  It is lighter tasting than beef, never greasy.  This all-natural premium lean meat is a great alternative to traditional red meat.  Sold in convenient portion controlled steaks and ground meat. Due to the lean quality of yak meat, it is best to cook it on low to medium heat. Whether it is cooked on the grill or your home gas range, we recommend cooking the meat medium to rare to retain the best flavor.  Once you try Yak, you'll be back! 



4 oz. Meat
Yak  Beef Buffalo Pork Chicken
Calories 154 300.71 212.53 195.58 220.09
Cholesterol 49mg 89.31mg 65.57mg 89.31mg 93.94mg
Fats 6.10g 19.42g 7.14g 6.84g 8.69
Protein 24.7g 29.3g 34.6g 31.4g 33.2g

(Yak nutrition analysis provided by Midwest Laboratories, Inc., a USDA-Accredited Lab.)
All beef, beefalo, pork and chicken analysis provided by USDA.


The Yak Facts

We believe that Yak Meat is the Healthiest Red Meat you can Eat.  Being 100% Grass Fed, it is ultra-lean, between 95 and 97% Fat Free, yet juicy and savory, the Yak's Meat is naturally very low in cholesterol, saturated fats, and calories.  Yet, the little fat that exists is high in Omega-3's, Mono-Unsaturated Fats, and Linoleic Acids (CLA's) which are essential to good health in the human diet.  Yak Meat is also high in protein, zinc, niacin, and B-Vitamins.  A 4 oz. serving of Yak Ribeye, will generally have only 3% Fat, 50 mg of Cholesterol and 25g of Protein.  The Yak has much better stats than Skinless Chicken or Salmon, not to mention Beef, Bison, or other Red Meat.  Yak is very "nutrient dense", much lower in calories than most other meats.  Yaks have adapted to survive in high altitudes, their blood carries much more oxygen (and nutrients) because of this. Yak is a deep red color, because of this unique composition.

Best of all, Yak tastes great.  Yak has a sweet, clean flavor, not gamey, greasy or dry.  Yak's unique delicate flavor is most desirable to discerning, health-conscious palates.  Most all of our customers are very surprised with how good the flavor is.  The delicate flavor comes from its unique distribution of fatty acid percentages.  Yaks are extremely low in Palmitic Acids that are bad for our health (30% less than beef as a percentage of fats and 120% less than beef as a percentage of meat.)  Yak meat is also much lower in calories, saturated fats, cholesterol and triglycerides.  Simultaneously, Yak meat is also higher in stearic and oleic acids that are good for us.  This accounts for the one of a kind, great taste! 


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Yak Meat Prices
Broken Spoke Yaks

Our Yaks are raised in a high mountain valley. They are naturally and humanely raised. Our mountain pastures are not chemically treated with either chemical pesticides or fertilizer. No commercial products, antibiotics or vaccines are used in the raising of our Yaks. The animals that are selected for processing are under 18 months of age. Our meat is USDA processed, dry aged for flavor and  tenderness.  All products are boneless, flash-frozen, Cryovaced in clear plastic. Our ground meat is laboratory tested for e-coli. Lab results upon request. 

Yak Burger Patties - 3 -1/3 patties per 1# pack
90%-93% lean, e-coli tested (negative), USDA processed.
Cook med-low heat when grilling for the tastiest burgers ever.
Price per package:
Yak Burger, bulk 1# packages.  The tastiest leanest ground
meat ever for tacos, soups, Meatballs etc. e-coli tested (negative)
Price per package:
Yak Boneless roasts (2-3 lbs)  Prepare by cooking in own
juices in crock pot until tender. Cook at lower temperatures
for the juiciest and most tender meat.
Price per pound:
$8.49 per lb.
Yak Brisket, ultra lean.  Great for smoking
Whole Brisket
Price per pound:
Yak Cube Steak,2 steaks per pack.  great for swiss steak
or chicken fried steak recipes. Very Tender
Price per pound:
$7.99 per lb.
Yak Steaks:  2 steaks per pack.  N.Y. Strip, Rib Eye,
Top Sirloin Filet
Price per pound:
$19.99 per lb.
Yak Skirt or Flank Steak:  2 steaks per pack.  Perfect for fajitas Price per pound:
$15.99 per lb.
Yak Sampler Pack:  1 roast, 2 packages of assorted steaks, 3- 1 lb packages of ground meat. (e-coli negative) 2- 1lb packages of 1/3 lb  ground patties. Price per sampler pack:
$89.99  ( great way to try a good variety)


These prices do not include shipping.  We also offer bulk discount for orders over 50# purchases.