Yak Health Info

Healthier to eat than skinless chicken and most fish.  This naturally ultralean dark red meat (95% to 97% fat free overall) is very juicy due to it's high percentages of Omega 3 oils, CLA's ( Conjugated Linoleic Acids ), Oleic Acids,and Stearic Acids, (35% higher than beef as a percentage of fats that are good for us). 

At the same time, Yak meat is very low in Palmitic Acid which is bad for us (30% less than beef as a percentage of fats, and 120% less than beef as a percentage of meat).  Yak remains higher in protein, solids, minerals, and vitamins than beef; while scoring much lower in saturated fats, cholesteral, triglycerides, and calories than beef!!  

Yak meat has a delicious delicate beef like flavor. It is deep red in color, high in protein, low in calories, saturated fats, cholesterol and triglycerides.  

Compared with beef, yak meat has one-sixth the fat with 40% more protein.  While it is leaner and lower in calories and saturated fat than beef, it is still a moist and flavorful meat.